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Bring The Fun!


Why Llamas?

Llama is our favorite animal. They are cute, especially when they are running. They are also friendly and well-socialized. Besides, they can guard livestock and carry cargo. We want our software to be like llamas: bring the fun and be useful.

What Do We Do?

We create fun and useful software. We use various technologies including HTML5, JavaScript, Java, Android, iOS, Cocos2D and many else.


NYC Transit Alexa Skill

Under Amazon Certification...

New York City subway system is not that reliable, so ask Alexa before you head to the station! Alexa is the nickname of Echo, a voice assistance device from Amazon.

NYC Transit Alexa Skill

Llama Chase

Work In Progress...

It will be a fun game! You bring your pet llama with you for a global travel, but he is too naughty! He escapes in every city. You have to "catch" him.

Llama Chase Game